Frequently Asked Questions​

Is the legitimacy of the software offered on this website assured?

Absolutely. We actively encourage and require our customers to register their email address along with their unique Product Key during the online activation process. This not only guarantees verification, but also allows us to track the authenticity of the software. With this approach, you can have complete confidence that the product you are acquiring is indeed legitimate.

Every software product we offer is 100% legal and genuine and is backed by our company’s no-hassle money-back guarantee.

Do you create the Product Keys?

We don’t generate product keys; our role is to securely manage and allocate keys provided to us. When you obtain a code from LicenseTXT, our e-system efficiently selects a key from our inventory, links it to your order, and presents it to you. LicenseTXT solely relies on codes uploaded by our staff from retail boxes, maintaining a streamlined and reliable system.

How can you sell these Digital Products so cheaply?

As collaborators with our suppliers, we leverage our substantial purchasing power to secure the most competitive prices. Our strong partnerships extend to licensed software retailers, global distributors, and electronic manufacturers. These entities often possess extensive software inventories earmarked for immediate disposal. Through strategic bulk acquisitions during inventory and clearance sales, we capitalize on significant discounts. By passing these savings on to you, we not only ensure affordability but also maintain operational efficiency, striving to save every dollar possible, as your savings align with ours.

Do you offer refunds if things don’t work out?

Our dedicated team is ready to provide professional assistance for any challenges you may encounter. While our Refund Policy governs the reimbursement process, we are confident in the effectiveness of our management and support services to address and resolve any situation, ensuring your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Do the prices on the website include tax?

Yes, the displayed price is the final amount, encompassing all applicable taxes.

How can I download a Digital Product or Software License?

Download links are included in the email from, which contains a full documentation on how to use a digital product or software license.

Will you send me an invoice for my order?

Yes, you can find your invoice for all your orders in your account dashboard. You cannot place an order on without being a member and this is the condition for this kind of thing.

Can you help me with my installation?

As a standard practice, we provide installation instructions along with every online/downloadable software license. Should you encounter any difficulties with a purchased software product, feel free to reach out through our 24/7 online chat or via email for prompt assistance.