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LicenseTXT is an Extended and GPL Licensed Distribution Company offering software, stock site, Windows operating system, Microsoft office programs, Graphic design platforms, SEO Tools, SSL Certificates, WordPress Plugins and Themes, Antivirus and Artificial Intelligence Subscriptions Reseller Services that make things easier in the digital world.

We use SSL Protocol software to provide a secure shopping experience by offering easy payment infrastructures from anywhere in the world. Purchased products are provided extended distribution utilizing partnership plans by supplying original products.

We do not leave any of our customers dissatisfied by providing a solid infrastructure and dealership service for software and product license sales. Thanks to our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-supported business model, with some exceptions, every order is delivered to your e-mail address within minutes and we provide documents on what you need to do.

During the solution phase, you can reach our customer consultant with our 24-hour live support and support notification structure, and if necessary, you can start using the digital product you purchased by receiving remote one-to-one support.

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LicenseTXT Provides Automated Digital Product Licensing
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Add the software or digital product you are looking for to the cart and go to checkout.
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When ordering on the payment screen, create your membership and fill in the invoice details, make your payment.
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All documents will be sent to the e-mail address with automatic digital product or software delivery.